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Livestream – How to Start a Wildly-Profitable Service-Based Business in 4 steps [Video]

Livestream – How to Start a Wildly-Profitable Service-Based Business in 4 steps

Heads up: Today’s webinar will be a replay with improved slides and the Q&A from last week. Sorry for any inconvenience and we hope to be live with you all soon.

I will be hosting a Livestream on the YouTube channel on starting a Wildly-Profitable Service-Based Business in 4 steps.

Inside you’ll learn:
1. Secret #1: Why Email Is STILL the Easiest Way to Generate Leads, Close High-Ticket Clients, and Ultimately Grow Your Business to Six-Figures
2. Secret #2: How to Send Cold Emails Your Prospects Will Actually Open, Read, and Reply to… And Book a Meeting With ANYONE – From a Local Restaurant to a Billion-Dollar Brand
3. Secret #3: How to Turn All Those Leads and Meetings Into Paid Clients – Even If You Are Shy, Suck at Sales, or Have an Accent

* Bonus Lesson: How to Charge 10x More for Your Existing Services, Starting TODAY – Without Changing Your Offer or Getting Better at What You Do

Plus a ton of awesome stories about how our clients are using cold email to sell more than ever!

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Meet Charles & Kasara Carter of 'Taste of Rondo' [Video]

Meet Charles and Kasara, owners of Taste of Rondo Bar & Grill, who will be featured on Season 6 of Small Business Revolution! Taste of Rondo is located in one of the few original buildings left in the Rondo community after the construction of the interstate I-94. When it comes to authentic soul food, there is no better choice than Taste of Rondo in the St. Paul, Minnesota area. #SmallBusinessRevolution #Deluxe Subscribe to get the latest! Join the Small Business Revolution! Visit Here to Learn More: Like SBR: Follow SBR: SBR Vimeo: SBR Instagram: For Season 6, well be bringing the Small Business Revolution home to Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota, celebrating and sharing the stories of Black-owned businesses and entrepreneurs in some of the most important neighborhoods in our community. The new seasonco-hosted by former NBA All-Star and entrepreneur, Baron Davis will celebrate the impact strong small businesses have in our local communities.

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