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Link Building vs. Content Marketing: Why the Difference Matters [Video]

If you’re looking for link building services, you may already be falling behind.

In this episode of Content & Links, Ross shares how focusing strictly on link building is the wrong mindset vs. investing in a longer term content marketing strategy.

Video Transcription

Today I wanna talk to you about the difference between a link building and content marketing mindset, and why the difference matters in your results.

We at content marketing agency specialize in SEO. So naturally, we talk about links to good amount. We talk about content and good amount. We do have landing pages for both.

When people reach out to us it is very interesting to see the mindsets and kind of websites and the way they’ll frame what they need. How they frame what they need is a clear indicator of how they’re performing as a business. What …

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Social Media Marketing

How Airrack Turned $20,000 in Debt into 1M YouTube Subscribers [Video]

@airrack has a fascinating story so last week I invited him over, we ordered some tacos and rosé, and hopped in the jacuzzi to shoot the shit about his YouTube growth, businesses and life story.🔔 Subscribe to the channel for more videos to help you on your entrepreneurship journey:🦊 Get weekly marketing tips from me straight to your inbox:👪 Join my Facebook Community to discuss entrepreneurship with others:📈 Find the BEST software tools to run your business: