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Limitations And Solutions In 2021 [Video]

AI in eCommerce: Limitations and Solutions

Over the last few years, we’ve seen tremendous advances in artificial intelligence. 

These changes can be attributed to the emergence of affordable neural networks and improvements in cloud infrastructure, computing power, and machine learning algorithms.

It’s not surprising that AI is getting some attention in digital commerce. 

Real-world applications can range from product recommendations, intelligent chatbots, augmentation, or sentiment analysis. 

Commerce brands like Amazon are no strangers to AI, using machine learning to power its product recommendation engine and using predictive analytics to maintain their one-day shipping promise.

Despite its advantages, AI is a somewhat costly and uncertain endeavour. 

Many obstacles hinder AI adoption, from a lack of understanding of AI, inadequate or incomplete data, absence of skilled AI professionals, and difficulties in identifying valid use cases.

What is AI?

AI is a field of study that processes large data sets to predict future outcomes. 

This field is quickly developing. 

Modern AI systems can decipher and conclude human …

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