Lesson Plan: Border in Focus [Video]

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Answer Close-Reading Questions

Have students write their responses or use the Close-Reading Questions to guide a discussion.

• Who is Ekansh Tambe? What project did he decide to undertake? (Central Ideas)
Ekansh Tambe is a 16-year-old in Texas. As a middle schooler, he decided to explore the U.S.-Mexico border. He took photos and interviewed people. He’s published a book, exhibited pictures, and given speeches.

• What is the U.S.-Mexico border like? How has it changed over time? (Key Details)
The border is about 1,900 miles long and stretches along the Rio Grande and across mountains, deserts, and cities. It was mostly unmarked until the first fences were built along it in the early 1900s. Now, there are about 700 miles of human-made barriers to try to stop people from crossing it without permission.

• What does Ekansh mean when he says “She won my heart” about a woman who told him about crossing the border illegally? (Figurative Language)
Ekansh means that he feels …

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