Learn How to Use Squarespace Tutorial for Beginners by WordPress Guru [Video]

Learn How to Use Squarespace Tutorial for Beginners by WordPress Guru

Development Course
Web Development(Squarespace)

About this course
Everything you need to know to use to build websites, manage a blog and create an online store

What you’ll learn
✅Learn how to use Squarespace
✅Learn how to set up your own website
✅Learn how to customize and build a website

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How to Start Over with Squarespace | Squarespace 7.1 [Video]

If you want to start over with a Squarespace site, there are several ways to do so without creating a new site. With these options, you can keep some of your content or style settings on a site you've already worked on.If you don't want to keep your content or style settings, you can always create a new trial to start from scratch. This video goes over the steps for each option.Get started on your Squarespace website at: https://www.squarespace.comFor more Squarespace tutorials, visit: SQUARESPACESquarespace empowers millions of dreamers, makers, and doers by providing them with the tools they need to bring their creative ideas to life. On Squarespace’s dynamic all-in-one platforms, customers can claim a domain, build a website, sell online, and market a brand. Our suite of products combines cutting-edge design and world-class engineering, making it easier than ever to establish and own your online presence.FOLLOW US ON SOCIALIG:


DAY 1: SEO & FUNNELS (Squarespace SEO for Conversions free 5 day challenge) [Video]

DAY 1 of the Squarespace SEO for Conversions Challenge!Join the challenge - everyone! I'm so excited to kick off the Squarespace SEO for Conversions Challenge with Day 1, where we're talking all about Squarespace SEO & funnels: -what are funnels and how do they relate to Squarespace SEO-the role they play in online marketing and audience building -the different types of conversions you might be focused on-how to establish conversion goals for your SEO funnel- & a lot more!The Squarespace SEO Level-Up Challenge is my brand new, free 5 day challenge for anyone with a Squarespace website. We're going live every day this week, Monday-Friday @ 9am PST/12noon EST. Follow along live, watch the replay and be sure to grab the workbook using the link below.Challenge info & WORKBOOK: you back here tomorrow for Day 2!-CharlotteWebsite:


How to make uniform buttons in Squarespace for a neater look.Code Snippet You'll Need:/* Medium Button Styling */.sqs-block-button-element--medium { width: 70% !important;}💻 Visit my agency website:📱 Visit me on IG:👉🏻 Or my business IG here:📧 Send me an email:📆 New video every Friday! 🎉