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Lead Generation 101| How do I Verify a List of Email Addresses with Uplead? [Video]

Lead Generation 101| How do I Verify a List of Email Addresses with Uplead?

Here is how I verify a list of email addresses before sending out a cold email campaign with Uplead.

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If you’re not sending your emails to verified leads what’s going to happen is you will have a high bounce rate, and if you’re doing that consistently, you’re going to end up marked as spam. You could lose your domain. All sorts of horrible things could happen by sending to email addresses that aren’t verified.

How do you make sure you’re sending to good verified emails? Well, there are a ton of tools out there that do it, but my favorite, one that I really like, because they’re a sponsor of this channel is UpLead. UpLead allows you to upload a list of contacts and it will verify whether those emails are real or not. This will lower your bounce rate and thus make it easier for you to actually send cold email campaigns to people and get responses from them.

When you see our Email 10K students, and you see things like Carlos, who sent out a hundred cold emails and got $9,000 worth of sales off of one contract from a hundred emails, that’s because his emails are going to the correct people and getting opened and getting responded to. That’s not going to happen if you’re not sending verified emails.

Let’s go over to UpLead and I’ll show you how to do email verification. It’s actually fairly simple. All you got to do is go over to verify and you type in your estimated number of emails, or you can upload your file. I actually happen to have some leads right here because I’ve been cold emailing more than I normally do. I still love cold email, by the way. It’s my favorite thing. So I’m removing my wallet from my pocket because you got to pay for this. All right. You go in and you pay for your order. It’ll go through and verify after it processes the payment, verify the emails that you’ve uploaded and it’ll show you how high quality the list is.

UpLead is a B2B lead generation tool that gives you access to millions of business contacts worldwide. Unlike other tools on the market, UpLead offers real-time email verification, so you can be sure that you’re getting high-quality, accurate contact information. Try it out today and get 25 free leads by entering partner code: X27 – Just go to today and start your free trial, no credit card required and be sure to enter partner code: X27 for 25 free leads.

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