Laurence Fox hits back at criticism for wearing mask exemption badge: ‘Educate yourself’ | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV [Video]

Piers Morgan tells Laurence Fox to 'shut up' over 'reckless' tweet

Laurence Fox, 42, had flashed his coronavirus “mask exemption badge” to his 261,800 Twitter followers yesterday and explained at the time he had ordered the badge from online shopping site Amazon after a “long period of consultation” with himself. However, Conservative MP for North Dorset, Simon Hoare, tweeted his outrage over the news, and labelled the Lewis actor a “powered pr**k”. 

It has caused deep hurt to me

Laurence Fox

Mr Hoare typed: “I hadn’t realised that being a first-class, ocean-going, chateau bottled, nuclear-powered pr**k was an exemption from wearing a mask. 

"What a selfish loathsome tool this man is,” he added.

However, Laurence defended himself for forgoing wearing a mask, after revealing he is battling anxiety and had decided to not wear a mask after a “long period of consultation” with himself.

Laurence responded: “Hey @Simon4NDorset, you have never met me. You have no looking glass into my lived …

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