Key Takeaways from Webinar Chinas Livestreaming Market: Depicting the New Normal [Video]

On June 17, a few weeks after the research report ‘China’s Livestreaming Market: Depicting the New Normal’ was published, EqualOcean held an online webinar under the same topic. This time we gathered speakers from diverse backgrounds, including e-commerce industry, key opinion leader (KOL) and government-backed cross-border business to create additional knowledge synergies about livestreaming. 

In this follow-up article, we will walk through the key topics discussed by our guest speakers. Check out the clips below.

Business models

Live-streaming marketing: China vs US vs UK

Impact on industry chain

Q&A 1

Are there any cases of misleading product/service reviews by influencers? Is there an ecosystem of trust among influencers?

Q&A 2

Do you think KOL/KOC will be more international in the coming days during this specific period?

Q&A 3

What are the most popular categories on Duoduo Live? What is the key differentiator of Duoduo Live?

Feel more interested in this topic? Watch the full webinar here.

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