Kevin N. Hedges, the CEO at NannyPod, Tells us How the Startup is Maintaining Its Business During COVID-19 [Video]

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First of all, how are you and your family doing in these COVID-19 times? 

Kevin N. Hedges: We are working hard to maintain our business during COVID-19. Despite the decrease in volume, we decided to build an online store using Shopify. We specifically target Moms, Dads, and Children with safe accessories for families.

Check it out here: 

Tell us about you, your career, how you founded NannyPod

Kevin N. Hedges: I originally started my career in Finance, working at AXA, Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. I decided I wanted to build a company that could really scale across multiple countries and that serve a wide general need. I knew a few babysitters and nannies and decided to build NannyPod into a national brand.

Did you have to make difficult choices, and what are the lessons learned?

Kevin N. Hedges:There are always difficult choices. The biggest is how much to re-invest back into the business. I …

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