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Kevin Jackson of GC GlobalNet on Cloud Computing [Video]

Kevin L. Jackson of GC GlobalNet

Cloud computing is a topic that can be mystifying for many. The fact of the matter, however, is that the global public cloud service market is projected to exceed $266 billion this year. That’s a lot of companies doing a lot of business in the cloud. When it comes to making sense of this complex creation and the way it works, there are few experts more knowledgeable than Kevin Jackson.

Breaking free from blindly accepting cloud computing and moving toward an active, knowledgeable use of the technology is something all B2B marketers and business owners need to understand. It’s also something Kevin Jackson is especially good at, which is why we invited him to be the first speaker during Season 3 of our Break Free B2B Marketing interview series.

Kevin has spent the last seven years as the CEO of GC GlobalNet, a company whose goal is to “help professionals develop revolutionary business models that deliver quantum …

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