Kazakhstanis double activity of online shopping | Kazakhstan News: Latest news on Kazakh TV [Video]

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Kazakhstanis have doubled the activity of online shopping this year. For seven months of 2016, the number of transactions in the Internet has grown twofold up to 16.7 million units. According to analytical portal, the financial sector strengthens its position in the competitive online market trading. If in the early 2010s only few banks were able to propose internet banking for retail customers, but nowadays there are 23 among 34 second tier banks offer their customers the possibility of non-cash payment of their bills and purchases over the Internet. With the growing popularity of online banking among Kazakhstanis, the average payment check is also increased. During January-July, the average size of the online payment reached 8,100 tenge. The total retail market size of online banking is estimated at 136.7 billion tenge.

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