Jonathan Ng – Top Level Ecommerce Marketing And Practices Through Discipline And Creativity [Video]

Jonathan Ng – Top Level Ecommerce Marketing And Practices Through Discipline And Creativity

👉 Jonathan is the founder of OXG Media, a digital advertising firm focused exclusively at paid traffic acquisition. OXG Media has since helped multiple e-commerce businesses from around the world scale to 7 figures and 1 to 8 figures, completely bootstrapped. Clients generally see revenue increase by 2-10x after working with them.

Episode 78 – Jonathan Ng

00:00 Intro
00:51 Guest Introduction: Jonathan Ng
02:09 Who are you and what do you do?
03:21 What went into making sure tha you were getting compensated well for doing good quality work and doing it in a short amount of time?
04:12 What were you up to prior to this? And what skills came with you?
09:39 What are like the visual and aesthetic features that aren’t pulling their weight?
12:08 How did you determine what makes the cut to what is a worthwhile at being on the list?
13:48 What are some ways that they can start getting their first audiences to convert?
19:52 Why do you not work with dropshippers?
27:02 Is there a balance between retargeting the customer, but also going too far where the customer starts to feel like the product is like hunting them?
28:22 What are some of the other points to retarget customers?
33:39 What went on in this case study?
35:49 Facebook partnership. What do you guys get out of it and how you got there?
42:31 What’s an example of some of the data you’ve collected an aggregate that has been beneficial to ideally all of the clients?
45:04 Is there any issue with seeing one or two products on a store that might imply this more to choose from?
46:17 About photography. What is that you learned about the difference between what we see when we look at an image that’s been edited versus like the reality?
47:49 How you’re feeling today working in the field that you’re working on?
50:57How long was it before you had like your second client?
51:57 Any parting wisdom and let people know how to reach out to you
53:20 Outro

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