Jeff Bezos’ ex-wife MacKenzie Scott becomes the world’s richest woman after Amazon shares surged [Video]

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Jeff Bezos' ex-wife MacKenzie Scott has become the world's richest woman after Amazon shares surged amid coronavirus lockdowns.

Scott, who owns a 4 percent stake in the ecommerce giant, has added another $30.3 billion to her bank balance in the last year, taking her net worth to a staggering $67.4 billion, according to Bloomberg Billionaires Index

The boost comes after Amazon stocks skyrocketed off the back of the pandemic, as stay-at-home orders and shuttered businesses sent consumers flocking to the retail giant for online orders and home deliveries.  

Shares have risen from nearly $2,000 to $3,500 since the start of 2020 alone.  

The rich have been getting richer with US billionaire wealth increasing by $800 billion since the pandemic began, while everyday Americans find themselves on the breadline with millions braced for job losses. 

The boost to Scott's wealth has made the philanthropist and novelist the wealthiest woman in the world and the 12th …

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