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Java Tutorial 19 – Accessor and Mutator Methods (Setters and Getters) [Video]

Java Tutorial 19 – Accessor and Mutator Methods (Setters and Getters)

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In this tutorial, we talk about accessor and mutator methods (also known as setter and getter methods), which can be used to access data that has been encapsulated within a class.


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  1. Thanks for being the only person who could make this as simple as possible.

  2. You literally explained the concepts to the point where I could teach someone else.
    Literally, I never understood anything about this before. This video has really taught me that when it comes to programming, actually coding yourself, questioning, then teaching is the best explanatory process (teacher). I often don't get a word my teacher or my textbook says when explaining such concepts in Java because they have no meaning until you have the picture (engaging yourself). Videos like these are lifesavers! (This was like Khan Academy, but Computer Science) Thank you!! …

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