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Java Programming Tutorial – 61 – Simple Polymorphic Program [Video]

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Java Programming Tutorial – 61 – Simple Polymorphic Program

  1. That cough.. swine flu…. in 2020 as soon as I heard it i already thought Rona D: LOLOL

  2. You could make the noise method in Animal class an abstract method.

  3. cough ugh…corona virus.Hahahaha.

  4. OMG!!!! As a Java beginner. This is the first time I understand Polymorephism clearly. I really love your voice and the way you teach. You are amazing teacher Bro!!

  5. why did he stop making videos?

  6. @thenewboston what if im trying to integrate this new cool stuff into my general animallist class, how I do it without any errors? XD as a matter of fact I was coding it, but received a nullpointer Exception. My Program added the dog and it was also barking, but the fish wasn't added…

  7. dog cannot be converted to ANimal/.

  8. hi there ranky akab..incase u r reading this 😀

  9. I'm a bit confused of where to put the square brackets [] when you create an array. In tutorial 55, Bucky placed the …

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