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Java Programming Tutorial – 40 – Set and Get Methods [Video]

Java Programming Tutorial – 40 – Set and Get Methods

  1. why do we need to create a get method we can use the variable hour and minute and second right away instead of creating a method that returns the variable and then call it ??

  2. is it poor practice to have user input inside setters ?

  3. So this was uploaded august in 2009 !! Watching it in august 2019!!
    I like your style of teaching
    Easy , simple and small topic-wise videos makes learning easy !!

  4. So im lost for the get methods… dont these methods have to take in hour and then return it? If the hour is already there arent you just returning the same thing? In other words whats the point od the get methods I dont get it.

  5. What's the purpose of the get methods? Can't I just go straight to toMilitary?

  6. Copied this code multiple times verbatim and it is giving …

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