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Java Programming Tutorial – 35 – Variable Length Arguments [Video]

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Java Programming Tutorial – 35 – Variable Length Arguments

  1. Is this variable length argument work for multidimensional array ?

  2. just use all doubles instead of ints to get precise answers. like fx. average of 5, 10, 5.

  3. Can we leave out the curly brackets in the for loop here?

  4. hey anyone from learning in 2020?

  5. still cant get over from the previous video
    damn that dimensional array

  6. this is the best youtube channel I'm subscribed to . Those videos are 10 yo and people are learning from them still . THANK YOU BUCKY for this great content .

  7. What if I want to be able to enter the values into the array through input

  8. Need to make the average as float. Public static void float, otherwise it will show as lossy conversion

  9. Well, Can we Do The Same Thing With A Dynamic Array ?

  10. Anybody from September 2019?

  11. If you want the accurate average, replace all "int" by "double" in the program! 😀

  12. Means just …

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