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Java Programming Tutorial – 14 – Using Multiple Classes [Video]

Java Programming Tutorial – 14 – Using Multiple Classes

  1. Mine tells me I need to put (args) in at the end of your line 6? Not sure why but it only prints when I do that. Thanks.

  2. Timeless stuff. Will be helping me into 2021 and beyond. Thanks!

  3. I love your videos. I am very new to Java and i already learned alot. But in this class I am confused. As you mentioned I created another class and wrote everything you wrote it down. How ever the program didn't work and gave me an error saying that " tuna cannot be reserved to a type" I am not sure what is that mean.Can you please help me?

  4. This is a fantastic explanation of not just what to do but why.

  5. This was made so long ago but you are a life saver thank you

  6. you told us just ONE TIME that it has only run with Main in console, …

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