It’s time to spin AWS out of Amazon: They regulate utilities, don’t they? [Video]

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You probably use AWS dozens of times a day, without realizing it, through the millions of websites they host. But there's way more to AWS than website hosting. Virtually all large companies now use AWS to host, store, network, secure, and manage critical corporate data using hundreds of AWS services. AWS is a virtual data center in the cloud. And it's working to extend its lead to quantum computing.

AWS grew out of Amazon's own need for immensely scalable infrastructure. In 1998 I was part of a team from a major systems vendor who flew to Seattle to listen to Amazon execs present its problem and ask for a solution.

At that point they were just selling books, DVDs, and CDs, and even the largest IBM mainframe wasn't keeping up. My company had nothing for them – no one else did either – so they ended up hiring a bunch of PhDs …

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