Its Time To Save The F*cking World & Stab Necks In Amazons New Series [Video]

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Sure, Amazon’s new series “Utopia” is about comic book nerds that find out their beloved funny books are actually predictors of future world-ending problems, but the streaming service didn’t tell us it would be this bloody. But holy shit, within the opening seconds of the new NSFW trailer for the series, you see just how bloody “Utopia” actually is.

But perhaps the most interesting twists and turns with “Utopia” actually happened behind-the-scenes, as this Americanized version of a UK series took years to develop with Gillian Flynn and David Fincher involved. But then HBO passed on the show, Fincher left, and Flynn was left with scripts for a series that she couldn’t get greenlit.

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“I put all that creative energy in — 10 hours [of content]. That’s five movies I could have written or a couple of books,” Flynn recently …

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