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Is There A Future For Facebook Ads? [Video]

Is There A Future For Facebook Ads?

Do you think there is a future for Facebook ads?
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Facebook ads are in the spotlight again, with new privacy changes hitting our browsers and operating systems, what does the future really look like for Facebook ads as a business strategy?

If you been a follower of mine for any length of time, you know that I don’t sing the praises of Facebook ads. Ever since this brand started I’ve tried to get you to jump on content marketing as a strategy for growing and building your audience. In plain words, it is just a better strategy.

But now, it seems like there might be an even bigger reason to make the switch (if you still haven’t joined the content marketing team yet). Facebook ads are up against some major privacy changes that are likely to hit us soon. Great news for just about everyone, but bad news for the ones who are relying on Facebook ads to run their business.

I am going to keep being an advocate for content marketing and encourage you to create your own content marketing strategy as a facebook ads alternative, because I know it works. Maybe you still cling onto facebooks ads as the main driver for your leads, and you’re still out there looking for a facebook ads course or the best facebook ads strategy going for this year, but in this video I want to give you a different message. I want to encourage you to drop facebook ads entirely, go all in on content and safeguard your business for any upcoming privacy changes that might his us.

In this video you’ll learn:
– What privacy changes are happening and what it means for online business owners
– How content marketing outshines Facebook ads in just about every area of marketing
– What you should be doing with your marketing and your business moving into the future

Hope you enjoy!

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