Is Shopify Worth It for Dropshipping? – Things to Consider [Video]

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A lot of people that explore opening a dropshipping store often begin their journey using the Shopify platform. I should know because I began there as well.

The reason is that Shopify is not only a popular eCommerce platform but there are so many dropshippers that use it.

If you type in anything about dropshipping on YouTube, you will see video after video of dropshippers explaining how to dropship using Shopify. It is enough to make you ask, “is Shopify only for dropshipping?”

What is Shopify and How Does it Work?

Shopify is an eCommerce platform that enables anyone to get started quickly and easily by opening their own online store.

When you create an account with Shopify your new store will be hosted on their web servers. You pay a monthly subscription fee to use their shopping cart software.

It is an ideal solution for anyone that wants to get started quickly without any worries about the …

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What is Shopify? what are its features, pros and cons and what to look out for before jumping on this platform? In this video, I have also touched upon 1) Shopify ...