How to Market to Expensive Keywords
How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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Is safe for online shopping? Chicu Detailed Review! [Video]


Is safe for online shopping? Chicu Detailed Review! is an online e-commerce shopping website selling different types of products. So, we are here to guide you, on how to check the authenticity of any genuine website

1. Firstly you should check the domain age of any website if the domain is older it is more reliable.

2. Pay attention to whether the website is safe or not with HTTPS connection.

3. Whois a website where you can check more details of the website.

4. Customer support services are also important, check whether the number and contact address are given or not.

5. Genuine websites provide COD, and PayPal as the payment method, and PayPal gives you a refund option after a rising request.

6. Scam advisor is a popular website that gives trust scores to most websites, you can also check there.

7. Product return policy is also an important point, check available or not.

Moreover, never buy products from any unknown website that sells products at extremely low prices, as it can lead you to unnecessary fraud or scams.


We never promote websites/products on our videos, we make videos to aware people to fall into any trap, and this Video is only for educational purpose.

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