Is Amazon’s ‘The Boys’ Based on a Comic Book Series? [Video]

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Amazon’s The Boys takes the superhero production and eschews its norms (with gory enthusiasm). The show subverts the good vs. evil trope inherent to the genre via a capitalistic lens, lending way to sadistic, morally ambiguous, and downright stomach-flipping violence. 

The Boys Amazon
‘The Boys’ Amazon Cast | Corey Nickols / Contributor

What would happen if a major company owned superheroes — owned their image, controlled their actions, made excuses for their poor behavior? Simply put: they wouldn’t be the Avengers. They would be property, with varying opinions toward wealth and society. Season 2 of The Boys recently premiered, making the first three episodes of the Amazon original’s second outing available for viewing. Yet, this Amazon series is not a screenwriters’ original concept; it’s based on a comic book series by the same name. 

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All about ‘The Boys’ comic books 

The Boysis a comic book series by Garth …

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