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Introducing the Simplilearn Digital Transformation Academy [Video]

Simplilearn’s mission is to keep your employees current in the latest technology skills and certifications. Today’s organizations are facing the biggest technology shift in decades: Digital Transformation. To prepare you with the essential knowledge and tools that are driving this business revolution, Simplilearn announces its Digital Transformation Academy.

Digital technology, tools, and tactics are evolving with breakneck speed. Organizations that fail to acquire new proficiencies and adapt to changing processes risk extinction in today’s business world. 

Simplilearn's Digital Transformation Academy

Our Digital Transformation Academy will help you build a digital-savvy workforce, with competencies in critical disciplines like Big Data, machine learning and other artificial intelligence (AI), digital marketing, cloud computing, cyber security and other established and emerging tools for the digital transformation era. 

Designed to educate and align all organizational levels, Simplilearn tailors its Digital Transformation Academy training to match both your business goals and the level of knowledge and experience already possessed by …

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