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Intermediate Java Tutorial – 12 – addAll [Video]

Intermediate Java Tutorial – 12 – addAll

  1. ima just drop a comment in 2020

  2. who else is surprised there wasnt any bacon…

  3. in terms of evolution, java among languages is like humans among chimpanzees!

  4. what if list 2 had same elements as stuff array had….will it be redundant ?

  5. Why do you use the Collections.addAll() rather than just using the built in addAll() function in the ArrayList class? Is it for preference or is there any functional difference that I am missing out on?

  6. Can't we make a list separately, why do we always have to convert arrays to list?

  7. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so many collections methods. Just wanna get to the good stuff

  8. well the line
    Collections.addAll(list2, list1);
    no longer works in java8. the interface is expecting individual string values., not an array list


  9. What was the point of converting the array stuff to a list here? can the method addAll take in 2 lists as its parameters?

  10. instead of:

    Collections.addAll(list2, stuff);

    I did more simply:


    and gave me the same …

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