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Integrating online and offline marketing: are you putting people first? [Video]

The internet has brought us speed, simplicity and scale, yet many brands are still failing to integrate online and offline marketing to improve the customer experience.

Indeed, too many brands still approach their online and offline marketing efforts altogether separately, with marketers having done surprisingly little to harness the power of technology to provide genuinely useful online experiences for their customers.

Rethinking business and how we interact with customers

The biggest improvements in customer experience have come from companies who have harnessed the internet to disrupt the way business has been done offline in the past.

For example, Deliveroo have offered innovative ways for restaurants to sell online. Monzo is not just a nice app tagged onto an existing business model, it’s a complete rethink of the way banking is done oriented around drastically improving the customer experience.

The need to connect offline and online marketing

In the world of marketing, we’ve slightly altered our traditional approach. Adapting assets for digital mediums, but little rethinking to …

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