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Instagram Marketing Strategy: 8 Tips for Creating Engaging Visuals on Instagram [Video]

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Marketing on Instagram? Don’t know where to begin? Let us help!

Hello world! Mike Ploger once again here with Visme – the online design tool and educator that wants to help you market better. 

According to a poll from Social Media Examiner, 73% of marketers use Instagram as a marketing platform. That is second to only Facebook. 

And with a billion people logging on each month literally, marketing on Instagram is taking off. Yet, so many companies struggle to see the benefit. That’s because they’re doing it wrong. 

In this video, I’m going to share 8 simple tips that will help you market and create engaging visuals on Instagram the right way. Shall we?

1. Image Sizes

First, let’s discuss image sizes. Instagram likes to scale down our images into 640×640 pixels. It seems limiting, however, don’t let that number scare you. A 1080×1080 photo can be uploaded to Instagram. 

Even a 1080×566 for horizontal photos is acceptable …

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