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Inbound Marketing – Klint Marketing [Video]

What is Inbound Marketing?

The most sustainable marketing strategy for long term scalable growth.

Inbound marketing organically connects your product or service with customers that are looking for specific problem solutions via tailored content.

With Inbound Marketing you will get:

The flow of Relevant leads

Inbound marketing generates 54% more leads than traditional outbound strategies

Inbound Marketing worksfor all companies

Inbound marketing generates sales relevant leads

Content created by inbound marketing brings customers that have a need and specific problem that your product or service can solve.

 Decision-makers are 4 times likelier to convert from inbound marketing than from paid advertisement.

Inbound marketing done rightis very cheap

Inbound marketing relays on content creation. Content created once will keep generating relevant leads as long as your product is available.

The structure may change but the quality is the same.

Inbound ROI is 3x the outbound

Lead acquisition is 30% cheaper than via paid search

75% of inbound channels are cheaper than any outbound channels

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