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Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing Presentation History [Video]

Simple Marketing Now's Christine B. Whittemore: Public Speaking and Presentation History

CB Whittemore presented "A Social Media Listening Strategy to Build & Protect Your Brand" during the DigitalSummit FocusOn: Social Event virtual event

Simple Marketing Now's Christine B. Whittemore speaks regularly with groups large and small. Her topics range from:

  • Practical Marketing with Social Media and Content Marketing
  • Getting Found Online
  • How to Improve Digital Visibility
  • Generating Leads with Social Media
  • The Retail Experience and Marketing To Women
  • The Online Retail Experience and Connecting With Customers  
  • and more.

She routinely customizes presentations based on interviews 

with audience participants to make the content that much more relevant to those listening.

The audiences consist of industry leaders, professionals, manufacturers, retailers and retail salespeople, designers, builders, marketers and managers from the home furnishings industry [residential upholstered furniture, floor covering] and other industries.

Their numbers vary from 5 to 500.

If you would like for Ms. Whittemore to speak at your event, simply contact her for more information via email - cbwhittemore@simplemarketingnow .com - or phone – 973-283-2424. 

Here follow details of the formal presentations delivered. 

2019 Presentations

1/25/19 …

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Social Media Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

in this video, Gary joins a zoom call with a bunch of his followers as part of his experimentation with functional content. Functional content is the concept of using social media to spark some other movement elsewhere. Gary sent out a tweet to join a zoom call which leads to this video you are watching now. He covers a wide range of Q&A focused mainly on building a brand/social media presence and people looking for advice on how to grow their accounts. Topics include being too niche, growing a podcast, people stealing content, dreaming big, and more. If you like this video, consider subscribing to the channel for more videos like this every week enjoy!