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In Personalization, Give A Little Respect: [Video]

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The ad industry should scrap retargeting and volunteer to be regulated in order to properly embrace the opportunities of audience personalization.

That is according to Comcast's strategy VP Claudio Marcus.

In the marketing world, software is increasingly allowing consumers to tailor the kinds of content they want – and allowing marketers to build personal profiles of audiences they want to target.

But, in this video interview with TransUnion's Matt Spiegel, Comcast's Marcus says that value exchange needs to be recalibrated.

Post-pandemic personalization "I think we are going to see some acceleration (of personalization) due to the changes in conditions and a greater understanding of the role that data plays," Marcus says.

"One of the ways that we can support that acceleration is to remove … some of the concerns that people have about abuses of data, privacy and security of data.

"(We should be) adopting standards as an industry or even agreeing to some degree of regulation.

"We can …

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