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Imposter Syndrome: Why Sophia Amoruso Thinks It’s Good for Business [Video]

Imposter Syndrome: Why Sophia Amoruso Thinks It’s Good for Business

Have you ever heard the term “Girl Boss”?

*I bet you have!*

Today, I’m about to introduce you to the powerhouse woman that made the term common: Sophia Amoruso.

In our conversation, we discuss:
-Why she thinks Imposter Syndrome is good for business
-How Sophia’s wildly successful career was filled with the lowest of lows
-How she dealt with major press backlash
And so much more.

I can’t wait for you to hear this interview, so click play!

Sophia and I are in a mastermind with a few other business owners. Every six weeks, we commit to meeting for 90 minutes to set goals, ask for help overcoming roadblocks, or to see a situation from a different perspective. It’s collaborations like these that have grown my business exponentially over the last few years and I’m so grateful for them!

If you’d like to do the same, I’d love to help you! For 10 ideas to spark inspiration for your next collaboration and a checklist to help keep your efforts on track, head to to download my free workbook: How to Collaborate with Another Business Owner!

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