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IM Checklist Volume 5: Video Marketing Full Review + Demo – DISCOUNT Code 50% Off Promo + Activator [Video]

IM Checklist Volume 5: Video Marketing Full Review + Demo – DISCOUNT Code 50% Off Promo + Activator

IM Checklist Volume 5: Video Marketing Full Review + Demo – DISCOUNT Code 50% Off Promo + Activator + Tutorial
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Do You Want To Create
But Don’t Know Where To Start?
You want to deliver your message and provide value to millions of people. You know people will love what you have to share with them.
You want to really connect with your viewers and teach them everything you know so you can help them overcome problems or improve their skills.
You want to promote a product, business or services and you know that video is the best way to increase conversions and increase sales.

Here´s What´s Inside IM Checklist Volume 5
Video Aims
The first thing you must do is figure out the reason you are creating a video.
Too many people create and upload videos to sites like YouTube without first thinking about what they would like to achieve.

Video Types
There are so many different types of videos that you can create ​that will help to keep your videos interesting and more engaging for your audience.

Keyword Research
If you’ve ever wondered why some videos rank higher in search results that others for specific search terms or you’ve wanted to improve the ranking of your own videos on sites like YouTube so that you get more engagement, views and subscribers then you need to understand how important keyword research is prior to uploading your videos…

Recording Equipment
​Using the right tool for the job can not only help improve the quality of your videos but it can also save you a lot of time and effort.
​One of the quickest way to lose your veiwers is if your videos have poor sound or visual quality so use this checklist to get your equipment set up the best it can be right from the start.

Smartphone Video
You can record high quality videos, you can edit the videos, add effects, add music, create animation videos and share them with the world all whilst you’re on the go and just by using something that you carry around with you every day!

Prepare To Record
​​Preparation is key to producing great videos.
From having all of your equipment set up​ and making checks through to knowing what you’re going to say, how your going to say it and even how you’ll look in each of your videos. ​Use this checklist everytime you’re about to record a single video or even a whole batch of videos…

Video Template
Once you have your main content recorded for your video, whether this is a talking head video in which you appear on screen or if you have recorded the audio version of your video script and you want to use it to create an animation or slideshow type video then it’s now time to put everything together.

Video Monetisation
There are many different ways in which you can use your videos to generate an additional income or to help grow your business online.
​Most people ​have heard about people making money on YouTube through ads but that requires a very large following whereas a lot more money can be made a lot quicker and easier and with little to no subscribers at all!

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