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i was wrong….. [Video]

i was wrong…..

So you’re thinking about starting a marketing agency, 6 years ago, I did too. Here is what I wish I had known before starting my agency.

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I’m a big fan of marketing. I studied it in college. As I’ve talked about in previous videos, I talked about how my degree was useless, but I always loved reading marketing books. I read Seth Godin. I read Tim Ferris, all of the marketing heavyweights I have perused and I have a strong passion for it. So I always knew I wanted to do something in marketing. And I love the idea of marketing because all companies need more revenue. All companies need more leads. So starting a marketing agency was the thing to start. And now I’ve been lucky enough to bump into a few people that have made this team great. People like Robert Indries, who helped us scale X27 to seven figures and beyond. People like Div, who runs this channel and help manage the personal brand side of things. And it’s just kind of snowballed from there. And there’s a lot that we can continue to do, but I wanted to do kind of a retrospective video and go through a few things that I wish I knew when I first started that should help you.

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Small Business Marketing

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Small Business Marketing

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