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I Redesigned 3 Small Business Websites to Get More Clients (Before and Afters!) [Video]

I Redesigned 3 Small Business Websites to Get More Clients (Before and Afters!)

On a scale of 1-10, how good a job do you think your website does when it comes to connecting with your potential clients?

I ask this because I recently put out a call on my Youtube channel asking my viewers to submit their websites for me to make over. The submissions I got were pretty varied as I would expect, but almost all of them had one thing in common…

They were missing a lot of the elements that make a website seem like it belongs to a real human-centered business.

For some it was phony looking photos… for others it was vague or confusing wording — for many it was a combo platter.

So in this week’s Youtube video, I chose 3 of these viewer submitted websites to diagnose and fix these connection problems. I made over each of their homepages from top to bottom, and I’m gonna share the before-and-afters with you!

Because when you see where these sites started and what they look like now, you’re gonna get some ideas of your own that will help YOU connect more meaningfully with your casual site visitors — turning more of them into warm leads and paying clients than you might be getting today.

So watch the video for possibly my most meaningful makeover video to date.

Have fun, and be sure to write down any improvements you see that you’d like to “borrow” for your own site!

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