How Wolseley Grew Ecommerce from 1% of the Business to Double Digits [Video]

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Jeremy Maxwell, chief digital officer at Wolseley UK, discusses how a business steeped in tradition is embracing ecommerce and persuading its customers big and small to do likewise.

Plumbing, heating, and cooling trade merchant Wolseley straddles the shrinking divide between traditional and digital commerce with deceptive ease.

The operating company of Ferguson plc, Wolseley delivers plumbing and heating products to nearly 800 branches from regional distribution centers in Melmerby, Worcester, Milton Keynes, and Measham, supported by a national distribution center at Royal Leamington Spa.

As CDO, Maxwell’s remit is to “drive digital innovation, to change the customer experience, making us the easiest merchant to do business with”.

Until relatively recently, ecommerce accounted for just one percent of Wolseley’s business. Today it’s in the double digits, and much of this shift has been driven by growing opportunities for innovation as technology evolves.

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Wolseley supplies plumbing, heating, and cooling parts to 1.1 …

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