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How We Launched A $30,000 Product in 20 Days [Video]

How We Launched A $30,000 Product in 20 Days

At the beginning of the year, my company ( challenged itself to launch a new product in 20 days. We launched and it’s already making over $30k/month.

In this video I breakdown how we came up with the idea, how we designed & built an MVP, PLUS our exact marketing plan and daily revenue stats.

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Step 1: Picking an idea
2:29 Step 2: Looking at negative reviews
3:35 Step 3: Designing a Mockup
6:37 Step 4: Build your product
8:30 Step 5: The Marketing Plan
9:40 Step 6: Launch
10:40 Step 7: Debrief
12:00 How much $$$ we’re making with TidyCal
12:35 4 week plan to launch your own product

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