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How to Write Product Content That Ranks Well on Google – Marketing [Video]

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One of the most difficult tricks in the world of search engine optimization is writing commercial content. It is particularly challenging to write product content that earns a strong organic ranking on Google.

The reason creating product page content that ranks well is so difficult is because people search for that type of content when they’re ready to buy. Therefore, every other business in your industry is trying to rank well for those same keywords—and the competition is intense.

Here’s how to write product content that ranks well on Google.

Most Businesses Follow the Same General Rules

For a new business in almost any field, the standard strategy for achieving strong search rankings and generating organic traffic goes something like this:

  • Write the best product content that you can, but don’t expect it to rank well right off the bat.
  • Concentrate on creating the best non-commercial blog content possible. It’s …

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