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How To Write a Script for Info Products THAT SELLS | FT Jules (Storytelling Secrets) [Video]

How To Write a Script for Info Products THAT SELLS | FT Jules (Storytelling Secrets)

In this interview we talk about topics like: scripting and creative trends for info products, the right way to script and shoot winning ads, how many creatives you should test with YouTube ads, and pretty much everything else related to creatives and producing killers ads for your business.
We discuss with Jules and go over some helpful tips to improve your delivery when speaking in your VSL. We also talk about some of the technical side of it, like which strategies would get you the most profit when it comes to trying different angles for your ads and VSLs.
If you need some help when it comes to starting or improving your VSL and the ads for your business, watch this episode of The Storytelling Secrets Podcast, hosted by Jules, with Shash as the guest.

In this episode:
00:00 Intro
00:34 Shash’s Background
01:50 Working with Kinobody’s YouTube Ads/The Best Business Advice You’ll get
03:05 Going from SEO Work to YouTube Ads
04:48 How to Create Winning Ads – What is the Process and Structure for Info Products and Ecommerce?
09:34 Creative Trends for Info Products’ Ads
10:52 The Right Script for Info Products
15:44 How Many Creative Should You Test at The Same Time?
17:14 How to Memorize a Script? Tips to Help You Shoot Great Ads
19:30 How to Be Authentic in an Ad – Speak Better
22:24 How Long Should an YouTube Ad be?
23:05 Trying Different Angles VS Betting Everything in The Winning Ad
26:05 Info Products – What Do You Do After the Ad? Webinar, VSL, Opt-in Page…
28:48 How to Write an Amazing VSL?
30:27 The Difference Between Long and Short VSLs
33:20 Scaling Offers Through YouTube Ads
35:43 Shash’s Vision For Linx in The Next 6-12 Months
36:55 The Importance of Listening and Interacting With Your Customers
39:16 Shash’s Challenges with Linx Today – How to Get VSLs Done Faster
41:00 Outro

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About this video:
Today’s video is an interview Jules, from the Storytelling Secrets Podcast, did with our CEO, Shash. In this episode, we discuss what is the best way of creating winning ads and profitable VSLs for your business today. Subscribe to get more related content about YouTube ads, SMMA, and E-commerce tips.

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