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How to visually map out your sales & marketing automation before buying Keap or ActiveCampaign > Keap Max [Video]

Most people buy into marketing automation systems like Keap and ActiveCampaign before they have even considered what they actually want to automate in their marketing.

When you visually map out what you require then it becomes much easier to select the right marketing automation platform and to build an organised and integrated system from the start.

Check out my 12 minute video below which outlines how I work with clients to map out their Sales and Marketing system.

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Julian Mills 0:00Hi, Hi there. My name is Julie Mills, I’m a small business marketing automation expert. I’m joined today by one of my clients said, Paul, Greg Smith, Paul’s a business coach, and runs a travel business as well.

What I wanted to show you guys today was how I work with my clients …


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