How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog [Video]

How to Use Pinterest for Your Blog

Do you want people to find your blog, read it, love it, and share it? Of course you do! Well, then, you need to be using Pinterest to promote it.

But, wait! “I don’t have a parenting, cooking, fashion, or fitness blog,” you say. Wellll, neither do we. Yet, Pinterest is the number two driver of social traffic to our site. And this is also the case for many websites – in many niches including marketing, ecommerce, pet sites, educational sites, and more.

Pinterest has 200 million active monthly users, performing 2 BILLION searches per month. That level of activity makes Pinterest a search engine in its own right. Google wants to give people the search results they want from a Google search. So, you’re likely to see Pinterest boards and Pins appear high up in Google search results. Which means that your Pinterest efforts will spread your content far beyond the platform itself.

For example, when I searched Google to find a …

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