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How to Use It to Improve Engagement [Video]

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Social media marketing is increasingly becoming a struggle to capture audience’ attention. It’s not enough that social networks are forcibly suppressing your content from the newsfeeds of your fans, but those fans are more fickle than ever.

Visual content helps brands get their message across in a precise and engaging fashion. For this reason, visual content has gone from a “nice-to-have” to a must-have vehicle for marketing messages.

Here we look at the reasons why brands should spend their time, money and effort creating visual content, the different types of visual content they can create are and how these can contribute to your overall social media strategy.

Get Some Free Resources to Create Better Visual Social Media Content

What’s good advice without the right tools to put it into practice? Not much, that’s what. Before we get too much farther along, here are some free goodies to help you create better social media content:

  • 128 free photos, optimized for each social …
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Steve Aoki x Arknights - Liquid+Arcade [Video]

Liquid Arcade is a full service agency specializing in cutting edge online and integrated campaigns. Founded by industry veterans and staffed by the next generation of pioneers, we offer clients a rare partnership of perspective and innovation. Whether a campaign calls for branding, ROI, viral strategy or niche targeting, chances are Liquid has done it, and done it well.