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How To Use Hashtags The Right Way On Every Social Network [Video]

Most everyone knows what hashtags are in 2016.

However, not everyone knows how to use hashtags well. When used properly, hashtags (# signs that help categorize social media content) make it easier for users to find related content. They can help increase the visibility of your messages and boost your social shares. When used inappropriately, however, they can negatively impact your credibility on social media. This can have the inverse effect of decreasing your social activity.

The issue is more complicated when we look at hashtag used beyond Twitter, where they’re most popular.

Let’s take a moment to clear up some confusion.

  • Basic hashtag do’s and don’ts.
  • How to find and select appropriate hashtags for your messages.
  • Best practices for each social network.

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What Are Hashtags?

Twitter first introduced hashtags to the social media worldin …

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