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How to use Google Signals and the Cross Device Tracking Reports [Video]

This past July Google announced and released an epic new analytics innovation – Google Signals.

Signals is a built-in Google Analytics (GA) feature that allows you to enable cross-device tracking in your Analytics account, without any manual tracking code adjustments.

When Google announced the addition of automatic cross-device tracking to GA, my mind was bit blown. I knew Google had the data to create this feature, but I never imagined that they would share that data with us.

Well, they did! And now every Google Analytics admin can add cross-device tracking to their account with just a couple button clicks in their analytics interface.

Google Signals

How do we use Google Signals?

Google Signals represents some exciting new measurement and tracking possibilities. But as cool as this feature could be, right now it's still a beta. And at the moment, there are some significant glitchesin the cross-device reports. There are also a …

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