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How To Use ClickUp | Free Project Management Alternative to (ClickUp Tutorial) [Video]

How To Use ClickUp | Free Project Management Alternative to (ClickUp Tutorial)

How to use ClickUp for project management. This is a free project management alternative to

Today, we’re launching into a complete ClickUp tutorial for beginners.
ClickUp is an underrated and visually impressive free project management software that is ideal for small businesses and small teams.

ClickUp’s free plan allows you to collaborate with unlimited users and engage in unlimited tasks. Building project pipelines is simple and gives you complete freedom to customise elements, fields, and structures.

► In this ClickUp tutorial we cover the following chapters:

0:00 Intro.
01:04 Sign up to ClickUp.
04:34 ClickUp dashboard.
04:57 ClickUp structure.
06:02 Workspace.
06:43 Spaces.
10:25 Folders.
11:10 Lists.
12:25 Tasks & subtasks.
16:09 Invite team members.
17:48 Project views.
19:34 Comparing Asana, Trello & Monday.
21:42 Integrations.
22:47 Outro.

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Let me know if you found this ClickUp tutorial helpful. Also, if you require any help or support, make sure to get in touch with us today.

Thanks for watching and enjoy project management with ClickUp!

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