How To Take Orders On What’s App On Your WooCommerce Store [Video]

The proof is in the data. All WooCommerce store owners need to be thinking about how they can optimize their eCommerce store for mobile experience and mobile marketing.

Mobile web traffic share continues to climb across the board (in all verticals) by about 5-10% annually.

When Gary Vaynerchuk launched in 2020 (a sophisticated yet easy way to sign up and authorize your Credit Card to purchase wine via iMessage and SMS), I immediately thought that What's App (far more used across the world than SMS), would be next.

Sure enough, FME Add-ons launched Order on What's App for WooCommerce.

This WooCommerce Add-on does the following:

  • Takes orders directly from your WhatsApp account
  • Allows WhatsApp orders on various pages
  • Applies the facility on specific products or categories
  • Adds custom text to your WhatsApp button
  • Allows store owners to enter their business WhatsApp number
  • Enables an extension on simple & variable products
  • Enables Whats App option on checkout page
  • Has an option …

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