How to Setup an eCommerce Site | Start Selling Products In Under an Hour [Video]

How to Setup an eCommerce Site | Start Selling Products In Under an Hour

In this episode of the Digital Buddha, I’ll show you how I set up professionally designed eCommerce websites with demo content and all the plugins you need in under an hour! Start selling your products today with WordPress and WooCommerce. Sell and manage an entire eCommerce store with anything from hundreds of physical products to a few digital downloads.

► Here’s what we cover in this episode:
• Picking a host• WooCommerce and WordPress
• My favorite theme and code-free design
• Child themes and one-click setup
• Plugins for adding functionality
• Tricks for saving time

► Everything you need for the build:
• Hosting:​
• WooCommerce:
• Divi Theme:
• Child Theme:
• Termageddon:

►More tools for creating websites:
We make it really easy to build WordPress websites! Check out the other tools we created

• Divi Space:​
• Aspen Grove Studios:​

► My favorite live streaming tool:
• Ecamm Live:

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