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How to Repurpose Content on Social Media and Beyond [Video]

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In this video, Dan from the WebFX Marketing team discusses how to repurpose content so you save time and money for your business.


A blog post doesn’t have to stay a blog post, and a video can be much more than just one singular video. 

If you learn how to repurpose content, you can stretch something as simple as a blog post into a whole series of things for people to enjoy and you to expand your reach. I’ll tell you how.

What is repurposing content? 

When you repurpose content, what you’re doing is taking one valuable resource — that I’m sure you’ve put a lot of effort into — and modifying it so that it can be re-shared and redistributed in different formats or on different platforms. 

You might even say you’re recycling your content marketing. 

However you want to put it, there are three main things you can do when repurposing content:

  1. Update outdated content
  2. Experiment with new formats
  3. Share your content on your available …