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How To Redirect a URL in WordPress [Video]

How To Redirect a URL in WordPress

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Learn how you can redirect a URL in WordPress.

Let’s say you’ve a website and you’ve changed the URL of a page in it.

Now if someone visits the page, they will get an error like ‘Page Not Found’.

So you need to redirect the visitors to the new URL.

You can do this by following our 2 simple steps.

So let’s get started.

Table of contents:

00:00 Intro

02:27 Install the redirection plugin

03:21 Create a redirection

05:56 Create a temporary redirection

09:17 Domain Redirection (How to redirect your entire website to a new domain)

So to redirect the URL

we’re going to do 2 steps.

Step 1 : Install the Redirection Plugin

To install the plugin, go to WordPress Dashboard ► Plugin’s ► Add New

Now search for ‘Redirection’ and click ‘Install’ & ‘Activate’.

Once you’ve installed the plugin, you can go to the next step.

Step 2 : Create a Redirection

To create a redirection, first you need to setup the plugin.

To set it up, go to WordPress Dashboard ► Tools ► Redirection

Now click ⇒ Start Setup ► Continue ► Finish Setup ► Finished

Now you will get a page where you can create a redirection.

So to create a redirection to your page,

First, copy and paste the old URL of your page in the ‘Source URL’ field.

Now in the ‘Target URL’ field, copy and paste the new URL which you’ve saved in notepad.

Once you’ve added the old & new URLs, click ‘Add Redirect’.

So now you’ve successfully redirected your page.

And when someone clicks on the old link they will be redirected to the new URL.

Now let’s say you’re making some changes to your site.

And you want to show a ‘Maintenance’ page, temporarily to your visitors.

To do that, first you need to add a temporary redirect to your page.

To add it, go to WordPress Dashboard ► Tools ► Redirection

Now copy and paste the URL of your page you’re working on in the ‘Source URL’ field.

And in the ‘Target URL’ field, copy and paste the ‘Maintenance’ page URL.

Now if you want to create a ‘Maintenance’ page, watch this video ➜

Once you’ve added the maintenance page URL,

Click on the ‘Settings’ icon right next to ‘Add Redirect’ button.

Now choose ‘Temporary Redirect’ in HTTP code and click ‘Add Redirect’.

So now you’ve successfully added the temporary redirect.

Now if you want stop the temporary redirect,

Go to the Redirections dashboard in WordPress and click ‘disable’ on the page to which you’ve added the temporary redirect.

Once you disable the temporary redirect, your original page will be back.

===== Bonus Part =====

Now let’s see how you can redirect your entire website to a new domain.

To redirect your website,

Go to WordPress Dashboard ► Tools ► Redirection ► Site

Now in the ‘Relocate to Domain’ field, just enter your new domain and click ‘Update’.

So now your site will be successfully redirected to your new domain.

Now when someone enters your old domain, they will be redirected to your new domain.

So that’s it guys.

This is how you can redirect a URL in WordPress.

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