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How to Rank Video on YouTube and Blow Up Your Channel | Does Youtube SEO Impact Your Google Rank?

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I’m Neil Patel, and I’m here with Adam from

In this episode of Q&A Thursday, we’re going to answer a question I get asked over and over again:

How will YouTube impact SEO in the online marketing and digital marketing space in the coming years?

Here’s the thing about YouTube SEO; YouTube videos don’t rank that well or drive a ton of traffic from Google organic.

Videos are ranking because Google is including everything in search results from restaurants, to places to go, to YouTube videos and blog posts.

But here’s the thing that most people don’t know, if you have a video on YouTube, on a popular topic, it can get a ton of search on YouTube.

YouTube itself is one of the most popular search engines out there.
But video creators aren’t optimizing for YouTube search.

So don’t …

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